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Every Mind Matters

Having good mental health can help us feel better, sleep better and support us in doing the things we want to do. It can also help us have more positive relationships with those around us.

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There is support out there for YOU

Check YOUR anxiety levels
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Answer a few short questions on how you’re feeling to get some advice on what might help with anxiety.

Create YOUR personal action plan
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Making a plan makes us much more likely to achieve a goal. Add activities to make your 4-week plan.

Build your action plan
Do YOU have trouble sleeping?
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Take the Sleepio Sleep Test and get advice on how to you can improve your sleep.


Explore available support services and advice on how to maintain your mental wellbeing

Improving mental health and wellbeing is a key priority for Barnet with a strong emphasis on improving services, tackling stigma and discrimination and focusing on prevention and early help.

Signs of anxiety
You may:
  • feel a sense of dread
  • feel tired, restless, on edge or irritable
  • have difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • feel dizzy, sick or short of breath
  • have difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • experience a noticeably strong, fast or irregular heartbeat
  • experience headaches, muscle aches or tension
  • have a stomach ache
  • have pins and needles
  • have a dry mouth
  • sweat excessively
  • tremble or shake
  • avoid situations and activities that you're worried about
  • put off activities that make you feel anxious
  • repeatedly checking things or seeking reassurance from others
Signs of Low Mood
You may feel:
  • sad
  • worried, anxious or panicked
  • tired
  • a lack of self-confidence
  • frustrated or irritated
  • angry
  • not interested in things
  • not doing things you enjoy or need to do
Signs of poor sleep
You may:
  • find it difficult to fall asleep
  • lie awake for long periods at night
  • wake up several times during the night
  • wake up early and be unable to get back to sleep
  • feel down or have a lower mood
  • have difficulty concentrating
  • be more irritable than usual
Urgent Support
There are a number of ways you can get urgent support.
Barnet Wellbeing Hub
Barnet Wellbeing Hub provides a flexible, holistic, person-centred approach focusing on your individual needs and wellbeing. The Hub is the single referral pathway for you to access services and activities in the community to improve your wellbeing.
Good Thinking
Good Thinking is a London-wide NHS Digital Wellbeing Service designed to support low level mental health needs. It offers a digital self-assessment test followed by a range of personalised, clinically approved, digital and local interventions based on your preferences and location.
Mind in Barnet
Mind in Barnet has information and advice on a wide range of mental health problems. The national Mind website also has information and advice.
Let’s Talk IAPT - Barnet
Let’s Talk Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a free NHS evidence-based talking therapy service for people 16 years old and over, who are worried or have low mood. We provide a range of treatment programmes including one to one therapy, counselling and group work. You can self-refer into the service if you are registered with a Barnet, Enfield or Haringey GP.
Sleepio is an online self-help programme based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). You will learn cognitive techniques to help tackle the racing mind and behavioural strategies to help reset sleeping patterns naturally, without relying on sleeping pills.

How does it work?

Complete the course online at a time and pace that suits you. Each week you log in and meet 'The Prof', your virtual sleep expert.
The Prof helps you to address your thoughts and worries about sleep, your daily schedule, your lifestyle, and your bedroom.
Each session takes 20-30 minutes. There are 6 core sessions, and a daily sleep diary which helps you track your progress.
Samaritans offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you.
One You - Every Mind Matters
The national One You website has a wealth of resources. Hear from people working through their own mental health problems, as well as from experts who explain more about how to manage and improve your wellbeing. Also get tips and advice on how to manage your mental health and how to help others who may be struggling.
Get involved: Thrive LDN
Thrive LDN is a citywide movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners. Getting involved in Thrive LDN’s activities or projects can be good for your wellbeing.