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Drink less

Many of us enjoy a glass of something alcoholic to chill out, have fun or generally pass the time. But how much we drink can increase without us really thinking about it.

We can start drinking more for lots of reasons. Maybe work has become more stressful, you have more spare time after retiring, perhaps your children have moved out, or life is just generally feeling difficult.

Why not try swapping your next drink for a non-alcoholic alternative? Even cutting back small amounts can give you more energy to play with the grandchildren, help you lose weight, give you confidence to go out and try new things, or have a clear head to get that project done at work!

image showing alcohol drinks

Do YOU want to change your drinking habits?

How much are YOU drinking?
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If you'd like to take another look at your alcohol intake, why not start with the free online Drinkcoach test.

Drink less with drink FREE days
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There's a simple and easy way to track the days you drink alcohol and the days you don't. Download the Drink Free Days app and make a start to drink less.

Know YOUR alcohol units
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Understanding how many units are in your drinks is a great way to start drinking less. The NHS One You website has all the information you need to get started.


Would YOU like to drink less?

There's lots of help and advice in Barnet to help you drink less.

Advice and tips from One You
The One You website has loads of easy ways to drink less, including tips on swapping for non-alcoholic drinks and ideas for breaking the drinking habit.
NHS alcohol advice
If you feel that you are drinking too much or that your driking is becoming a problem, the NHS website has information and advice on where to turn for help.
Free NHS weight loss guide
Barnet Council also offers specialist help to people who have begun to abuse alcohol. Find out about where you can help at a local service.